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Minds + Machines Group Limited
24 October 2018


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Minds + Machines Group Limited

(“MMX” or the “Company”)

.luxe Launch to be Marked by London Stock Exchange Market Opening Ceremony

– 26 October 2018 –

Minds + Machines Group Limited (LSE: MMX) is delighted to announce that the forthcoming launch of .luxe, the first top-level domain designed to resolve both on the World Wide Web and the Ethereum blockchain, will be marked by the Company performing the Market Opening Ceremony at the London Stock Exchange on 26 October 2018.

Toby Hall, CEO of MMX, commented:

“We are deeply honoured to have the opportunity to open the London markets to celebrate the launch of .luxe. We look forward to celebrating the forthcoming launch of the extension with our partners and raising awareness for the .luxe naming standard across the public company and fintech communities that the London Stock Exchange Group champions.”

Currently, there is no interoperable naming convention across the World Wide Web and blockchain universes. On the fastest growing blockchain, Ethereum, 42 character randomly generated alphanumeric strings presently serve as the public identifiers for the 43 million Ethereum assets now in circulation on that blockchain. Through .luxe, human readable names can serve as the public identifier for businesses, individuals and assets on the Ethereum blockchain, thereby helping to improve ease-of-use and trust between counter parties. The same .luxe name can also be used on the World Wide Web, helping to further improve transparency and trust between counter parties. For further information on .luxe and its launch time-table, please go to <a href=”http://www.join.luxe”>www.join.luxe</a>

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About MMX

Minds + Machines Group Limited (LSE: MMX) is the owner of a world class portfolio of 32 ICANN approved top-level domains (gTLDs). The Company generates revenues through the registration and annual renewal of names by organisations and individuals within each of its top-level domains, sales being processed through the Group’s network of global registrar and distribution partners.

The MMX portfolio is currently focused around generic names (e.g. .work, .vip), consumer interest (e.g. .fashion, .wedding), lifestyle (e.g. .fit, .surf, .yoga), professional occupations (e.g. .law), and geographic domains (e.g. .london, .boston, .miami, .bayern). In 2018, the Company completed its first acquisition, the ICM portfolio, and is shortly to launch its first innovation based project, .luxe, which combines the strengths of the World Wide Web’s naming system with that of blockchain. For more information on MMX and its rapidly growing renewal base, please visit <a href=”https://mmx.kespa.net”>www.mmx.kespa.net</a>