fakelawyers.law is the internet’s leading clearinghouse of news and information about fake lawyers, which harm clients and legitimate legal practitioners alike.

"It is a key function of the legal profession to protect the public by maintaining strict ethical and competency requirements in order to qualify to practice law. As consumers turn to the internet to find legal representation it is essential that they can trust they are in fact dealing with a licensed lawyer"

Martha Barnett, Former ABA President and Partner at
Holland & Knight

"It’s not only easy to hijack lawyers’ and firms’ identities, but once the fraudsters deceive vulnerable would-be clients, those unwitting clients’ online complaints can proliferate at lightning speed across social media before the lawyer or firm have a chance to defend themselves."

Paul Doda, Global litigation Counsel at Elsevier, Inc and Chairman of the
Association of American Publishers’ Online Piracy Working Group

"Imposters masquerading as lawyers pose serious risks to consumers as well as to actual lawyers who have invested years establishing and maintaining a credible reputation. Consumers who’ve been scammed potentially increase their risk if they avoid consulting lawyers in the future. And law firms may be forced to continually increase their online investments in order to distinguish themselves from clever imposters."

Timothy B. Corcoran, law firm management consultant and former
President of the Legal Marketing Association

"When the new gTLDs were launched, we recognized the need to have a restricted verified domain exclusively for lawyers. Why? To protect the integrity of the profession as consumers rushed to the Internet to get information on and engage a lawyer."

Lou Andreozzi, CEO, Dot Law, Inc.

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Fake Lawyers in the News

Lawyers reach out to Las Vegans temporarily protected from deportation (fake notarios)

Sull said it’s important to give people knowledge to protect themselves, especially regarding so-called notarios who sell fake immigration assistance illegally.

Fake lawyer convicted for decade-long scam posing as an attorney

A former president of a county bar association has been convicted of using forged documents to pose as an estate lawyer for a decade even though she didn’t have a law license.

The Fake Lawyer a Little Too Good Not to Get Caught

Reginald Taylor’s law firm was good enough to talk one client’s charge down from jail time to a fine. Too bad it was never legally a law firm at all.

Almost 1 in 3 Lawyers in India Are 'Fake,' Claims Top Bar Official

Nearly a third of all lawyers in India are “fake,” the head of the country’s legal regulator has said.

After Tamil Nadu case, Law panel worried about fake judges

The Law Commission now feels that it is time to hunt for fake judges too, and not just fake lawyers.

Fake Lawyer Sentenced to Six Months of Jail Time

A Brooklyn man who masqueraded as an attorney for several years and defrauded tens of thousands of dollars from unwitting clients has been sentenced to six months in prison.

45% of lawyers fake? Checking is on

NEW DELHI: The number of fake lawyers across the country may well touch the halfway mark, if the Bar Council of India’s two year old verification drive is to be believed.

Bill takes aim at notarios — fake lawyers who target immigrants

She was not an attorney, but she presented herself as one to immigrants who came to her seeking a way to stay in the U.S. legally.

Big Law Partner Keila Ravelo Pleads Guilty; Made Fraudulent Invoices for Fake Litigation Vendors

A former Willkie and Huntons partner had plead guilty to two counts involving a scheme to defraud her law firms of millions.

How to Spot A Fake Lawyer

You think it could never happen to you. You’d never hand over your hard-earned money to someone who doesn’t even have a law degree, would you??

Fake lawyers multiply - how to spot a con man dressed in legal clothing

Fake lawyers are on the increase – and if you’re fooled by one you could lose hundreds or even thousands of pounds. Here’s how to spot a crooked lawyer

Fake Lawyers May Be Scraping Legal Blogs’ Content

Imitation might be the highest form of flattery, but some legal blogs appear to have taken that imitation a bit too far — by scraping content from prominent blogs and reposting it on their own.

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