Why a .miami web address?

The part of the web address after the dot – the .com- has been a function needed to visit a website, but has never been descriptive.

Now, with the advent of .miami, businesses, brands and individuals, regardless of location, have a clear way to identify themselves with their web and email address!  The Magic City is an internationally recognized brand.  Show your Miami pride with .miami

Websites using .miami domains

.miami has been adopted by many proud Miamians, and provides a great url for business, non-profits, and individuals alike.

Here is just a small taste of the many awesome websites using a .miami!




How To

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How To Use Your

.miami Domain Name

Partners and Friends

We’re proud to have powerful and supportive friends like SFIMA, The New Tropic, Social Media Week, CIC Miami, Buro Miami, Pipeline Miami, and GMCVB.

Questions about .miami?

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